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tv   Today  NBC  August 10, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. cabin pressure -- a jetblue flight attendant blows his top, cursing out a passenger over the intercom, before allegedly grabbing beer, deploying the plane's emergency slide, and sliding away. this morning he has a date with the judge. so why are some calling him a hero? primary focus -- key elections are being held in four states today. a vital test of the anti-washington mood and president obama's pull with voters ahead of november's crucial midterm election. and captured -- one of the convicts accused of murder who escaped from an arizona prison arrested near yellowstone national park where he was doing work at the local church. and the pastor and treasurer of that church are speaking out in an exclusive live interview.
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"today," tuesday, august 10, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm matt lauer. what a wild story. we've heard of out-of-control passengers on a plane, but this was a case of an angry flight attendant who apparently had had enough on that jetblue flight at jfk airport right here in new york. >> yeah, his name is steven slater. he apparently got into an argument with a passenger who was trying to get luggage from the overhead bin while the plane was taxiing. words were exchanged. that's when slater grabbed the intercom, let loose a few profanities, grabbed a couple of beers, deployed the plane's emergency slide and use it had to slide away. coming up, a man onboard that flight.
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>> by the way, one of my pet peeves when you're taxiing after landing and the flight attend apts say stay seated and people stand up and do things like that. we'll talk much more about that. also ahead, is there more to hewlett-packard mark hurd than meets the eye? he was facing sexual harassment allegations from a former re reality television contestant. the company investigated and said he did not violate its sexual harassment policy. so why was he forced to resign and why is another powerful ceo rious about it? we'll talk about that just ahead as well. plus, do you have a smart phone you use to surf the internet and download applications? well, some companies want you to pay every time you do that and they are phasing out unlimited data plans. what can you do about that? we'll get expert advice coming up. let's begin this tuesday morning with that bizarre incident on a jetblue flight that ended with a flight attendant jumping out of a plane on an emergency evacuation slide. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. he's in washington. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt.
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good morning. the plane was on the ground when this happened and none of the passengers was in any danger, but one jetblue flight attendant was apparently having a very bad d day. for 38-year-old flight attendant steven slater it appears to have been one flight, one passenger too many. jetblue flight 1052 from pittsburgh with 100 passengers onboard landed at new york's jfk airport at about noon monday when slater was struck in the head with a piece of overhead luggage a passenger was trying to retrieve, slater demanded an apology and the two got into a heated argument. police say that's when slater got on the plane's p.a. system and unleashed his own profanity laden tirade, pulled the emergency exit chute, reportedly grabbed two beers, slid down the chute, ran across the tarmac, through the airport, to his car and then drove home. >> the gentleman in the jeep flying down the block, running and parked the car and ran into
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his house. >> reporter: police arrested slater at his home and in custody he simply smiled as he was led away. >> people can be, you know, abusive to airline attendants and i just, you know, feel bad for the guy. >> reporter: in a statement jetblue says at no time was the security or safety of our customers or crew members at risk. still, ground crews working beneath the plane could have been injured by the falling exit rmer ntsb chairman says he's never seen anything like this before. >> to have a flight attendant unexplainably deploy a chute, leave the aircraft after cursing out the passengers, the only thing i can explain it is perhaps a little too much cabin pressure. >> reporter: for years flight attendants have been made fun of in pop culture. >> i've been waiting outside for you in the terminal. >> great. bye-bye. >> no, no, there's more. i'm going to pound your face in. >> reporter: and so for verbal and physical abuse at the hands of a traveling public that is
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increasingly unhappy and far less polite than in years past. >> get out. get out. leave everything. >> reporter: but flight attendants also undergo extensive and rigorous training to deal with in-flight emergencies and disasters and they've proven they can make the difference in life-or-death situations as they did during the miracle on the hudson landing in 2009. the flight attendants and pilots were credited with saving everyone onboard. >> we have thousands and thousands of operations that occur every day. safely. without incident. routine. the people that do this work are excellent. they're highly professional, extremely skilled. >> reporter: what's not clear is why a veteran flight attendant simply decided he couldn't take it anymore and literally pulled the plug on his own career. police say his last words to the passengers were, it's been a good 28 years. steven slater was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. if convicted, he could face up to seven years in prison. on his myspace page, slater says
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he has worked for jetblue since january of '08. in addition to serving as chairman of jetblue's uniform redesign committee, his lindyn says he serves on the value committee. matt? >> he did, tom. thank you very much. we appreciate it. earlier this morning i talked to phil who was on that jetblue flight and rode the air train with steven slater and i asked him what he thought when he first heard that overhead announcement. >> i heard him making the announcement and we didn't know what that was about and i thought that was the most interesting part of the day to that point. it wasn't until i got off the plane and saw that something had happened with the chute and then i got to the tarmac. >> what was the reaction of the other passengers on the plane as they're listening to this? >> about half the plane was still on. we were just waiting to get off and we were all just surprised. we heard somebody swear on the
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intercom. >> you thought somebody had done it by accident? >> no, it clearly was intentional. we thought that's just weird somebody would get on the intercom. he has to be in some trouble now for calling out a passenger that way. >> right. >> and i thought that was the end of it. i wasn't sure what happened. >> apparently he grabbed a couple of beers and then inflated the inflatable emergency slide and made a quick exit. >> right. >> did everybody see that happen? >> no, because i didn't -- maybe people who got off before me did. i was about halfway back still waiting to get off the plane, so i didn't see him pull the slide. i didn't see the beers. i saw him with his bags on the air train, though. he had time to do that. >> what was his demeanor on the air train? here is a guy who has just done something way outside the boundaries, in fact, illegal. was he -- did he seem agitated? did he seem calm? because in the photos of him, we see him smiling. >> he was smiling. he was happy that he'd done this, at least happy that he was done with his job at jetblue and he said that he worked there for
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20-some years and he'd been a flight attendant for a long time and was looking forward to whatever was the next phase of his life, his career. he seemed very happy about this. >> you're someone who travels fairly often? >> a couple times a year. >> are you surprised that he was able to do what he did on that plane, including the inflatable slide, and then calmly get on the air train and make it away from the airport without being stopped? >> i'm surprised because i didn't until i heard him talking about this, i didn't know what happened. i thought a passenger had gotten in trouble for pulling the slide because he was there with his bags. he was there -- >> as if nothing had happened. >> he was going to the parking lot. >> i know you're aware of the fact that, you know, on twitter and some other social networks he's being made out as somewhat of a working class or working man's hero. >> yeah. >> that i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore. what's your thought on that? >> well, i think it's funny that he could quit his job that way. i don't think he thought this through, that to do something like that will get you arrested.
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>> right. >> but at first my reaction was, well, maybe we could all quit our jobs, wouldn't that be f funny? but it's not funny and the other thing is he's a flight attendant and you don't want to see somebody lose their cool that way. >> have you seen, though, flight attendants being placed in a situation by the traveling public that perhaps makes you feel differently about how travel -- how flight attendants should be treated? >> well, i see that on every flight that somebody says something to a flight attendant or feels that they're getting treated the wrong way and takes it out on the flight attendant. i've never seen anybody react this strongly. they've always been very polite. >> phil catilinet, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> clearly he broke the law. he has some problems there, but have you seen some of the tweets out there? >> most support him, i think. >> it's unbelievable. here are some examples. steven slater is totally my new hero. crafting my own american flag using steven
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>> we do have up the heat in the local forecast as well. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. slight chance for a thunderstorm this afternoon. and that's your latest weather. thank you very much. it is primary day in four states -- connecticut, colorado, georgia and minnesota.
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a big test for incumbents and president obama as we head into november's midterm elections. nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd has a look at what's at stake. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredi meredith. as you noted there are three states holding primaries, a fourth, georgia, is holding a run-off. e ballot, he has some skin in n lorado where he will find out tonight if he can be persuasive even among his fellow democrats. president obama deep in the heart of conservative texas on monday, hammering home his argument against the republicans. >> i am happy to have this debate over the next several months about what their vision of the future is. they don't have one. >> reporter: elections in four states today will measure voters' anger toward washington insiders as a slew of outsiders are running this year. republicans in connecticut will choose their party's senate nominee. former world wrestling entertainment ceo linda mcmahon
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who has poured millions of her pe personal fortune into her campaign, amassed over 30 years running the wwe with her more famous husband vince mcmahon. they have relished using the over-the-top wwe moments like this one with which features the candidate herself in campaign ads. >> mcmahon supporting obama's bailouts. isn't that just a kick in the -- >> reporter: mcmahon has fired back trying to use the unusual reputation of the wwe as an asset. >> look, she tamed the traveling show world of professional wrestling, turned it into a global company and created 500 jobs here in connecticut. >> all right. so think she can shake things up in washington? >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: but vince mcmahon admitted to the associated press that extensive political and media focus using some of the raciest wwe out of context hurt the corporate brand saying most of the people have not even seen our show. all they've seen is one little snippet and try to make up their minds as to whether or not it's
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acceptable programming. not everyone believes linda mcmahon's campaign will do long long-term damage to her family business. >> it's a controversial organization. having said that, it's an entertainment organization. i think we can separate a product that's out there as a vehicle of entertainment and a person. >> reporter: in colorado president obama's choice to hold the democratic senate seat michael bennett faces a tough insider/outsider battle with andrew romanoff. and in georgia today the republican run-off for governor has turned into a 2012 republican presidential proxy fight with newt gingrich and mike huckabee on one side supporting former congressman nathan deal and sarah palin on the other side. she parachuted into the state in support of her mama grizzly. >> show the nation how you are ready to bring it on, georgia. >> reporter: a little news on the ethics front. the house -- bipartisan house ethics committee released details of the charges they're bringing against california democrat maxine waters.
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in it we find out that it's alleged the congresswoman went to then treasury secretary hank paulson to try to get it t.a.r.p. bailout money for a bank that her husband was a major investor in, a bank by the name of one united. she didn't tell paulson her husband was a member of this bank's board. guess what? paulson and others approved t.a.r.p. money going to this bank saving her husband $300,000. meredith? >> chuck todd, thank you very much. former democratic congressman harold ford jr. is an nbc news analyst and author of the new book "more davids than goliaths." a republican strategist and former white house communications director under president george w. bush, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let's start, nicole, with the ethics charges against waters. you have an ethics trial involving charlie rangel along with hers. how embarrassing is that for the democrats and what impact could it have on midterm elections? >> i've been to this movie. it never ends well for the party associated with those facing
7:18 am
ethical challenges. the problem, i think, and what we have to remember is politicians are human beings. there is a temptation to take the politician's entire life and character into consideration but our politics are so fast now and so rapid this has to become a black-and-white issue where people have trespassed the moral and ethical codes of their office. you have to cut them loose. >> will it linger through november in term of the public's perception? >> rangel and congresswoman waters i served with will have to. this happened four years ago. democrats used the ethics scandals against a few members of congress including duke cunningham and mark foley to score political points and it's probably not unlikely that republicans will do the same and may score some points in the process. >> you have an anti-incumbent mood, anti-washington, anxiety over the economy. how much trouble are the democrats in? >> i think it boils down to one thing and you saw linda mcmahon
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try it shift from the conversation around her company and focus on what she wants to do which is jobs. if people are feeling better about the jobs picture and about the economic activity in the country between now and november, my party will do better. the worse people feel and if the numbers don't improve or show signs of improvement, i think my party will -- if history is any indicator, will suffer at the polls. the only thing we have going for us, i think, is some republicans have not been able -- the republican leadership has not been able to articulate a clear and compelling message for how they will change things for the better. >> why is that, nicole? >> i'm not sure it matters. >> you may be right. >> 20% of the public trusts republicans yet 51% of the public wants us to take control of congress. >> so what does that say to you then? >> i think the table was set by the obama white house when they came into office in january of '09 and said we won. we're doing things our way. and republicans were not made to feel welcome at the table.
7:20 am
the stimulus plan was passed without any republican participation. and i think when a president doesn't have a moderating force on his agenda, he usually suffers politically and you're seeing that now with members of his own party not eager to stand side-by-side with him. >> bill white in texas, is that smart of him to do? the president does bring with him energy and some star power. couldn't he help a candidate? >> it's certainly revealing that the gubernatorial candidate, a democrat, would say he had to attend a county fair or had other pressing campaign obligations. thankfully president obama understood that. but the white house has even indicated that the president's real strength in this campaign may be helping candidates to raise money. but being advisable with them may not be his great strength. this is not unusual. president bush faced it in '06. president clinton faced it in '04 and now president obama is faced with it in in 2010. >> let's look at colorado. the white house has made the election of democrat michael bennett, senator michael bennett, a priority. the president has been down
7:21 am
there campaigning for him. what will it say to the white house -- how concerned should they be if bennett loses? >> democrats the president has supported throughout this cycle, some have faced some strife. we've seen it in certain states, in some states in certain primaries. voters in colorado who are expressing real concern -- i'm a supporter of michael bennett, a personal sporper of his, but voters have made clear they want a real change. if senate bennett is able to demonstrate that, he will win. it looks like speaker romanoff has found some traction. >> a and with president clinton. >> you saw it in arkansas, clinton supported blanche ly lincoln. unions on the oerp side with bill halter and lincoln was able to emerge. we'll see what happens in k colorado. >> all right, harold and nicole, thank you both so much. and just ahead, one of the escaped convicts from arizona captured in yellowstone where he is doing odd jobs at a local church. the pastor and church members speak out about their encounter.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a check of the commute with sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> kind of a busy ride, incident-byes. as 6, old eastern and back river neck, both lines are closed -- both lanes are closed. these delays stretch back to
7:27 am
white marsh all the way down to the 895 split. accident on southbound 95 on caton avenue off to the side. 56 on the west side. moving pretty well know delays to report on the harrisburg expressway. 75 and i-as ave looking good at this time. -- 75 an eye-to 70 looking good at this time. r. ford, topping the brakes just a little bit. live view of 95, the delays are heavier. that is southbound traffic towards the 895 split. >> things are pretty quiet to start this tuesday. don't expect any precipitation this morning. there could be a thunderstorm this afternoon in a few spots. it is 77 degrees in edgewood. the dew points are running in
7:28 am
the upper 60s and low 70's. slight chance for a thunderstorm this afternoon 30% chance on it. when you factor in the humidity, it will few close to 100 degrees. scattered storms are possible on thursday as well. we will drop back to the 80's by the end of the week. it will warm up over the weekend. >> you can check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information we willti
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning. the 10th day of august, 2010. right now you're checking out the view from the top of the rock. here in new york city on a hazy, hot, and humid day here in the northeast. at street level you can see some of the people who have gathered out on our plaza this morning. we're going to say hi to them in just a couple of seconds. inside stewudio 1-a i'm matt lar along with meredith vieira. remember when cell phones were just for talking? now you can do everything -- you can browse the web, stream movies on them -- all kinds of things. >> that's right. you have to pay for it. some carriers want to you pay every time you do that by doing
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away with unlimited data plans and that could be costly if you don't know how much data you you'lly use. we'll weed through the confusion to hopefully save you money on that monthly bill. also ahead, new details on the scandal that led to the resignation of hewlett-packard's ceo mark hurd. if he didn't violate his company's sexual harassment policy, why did he have to resign? we'll get the latest on that coming up. plus, second marriages, grown children, and the two challenges presented to families. we want to begin with convicted murderer who escaped from jail in arizona, apprehended near yellowstone park. we'll talk to two men who came face-to-face with that escapee in a moment. but first, here's nbc's george lewis. george, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. 42-year-old tracy province is being held here in the park county jail before a court hearing which will determine his extradition back to arizona. that's where he and two others broke out of prison almost two
7:32 am
weeks ago. province might be on the loose if he hadn't stopped for sunday services near a small town church. 42-year-old terry province spent his sunday morning in the meeteetse community church singing along with the congregation. >> he was extremely involved in the worship. he was singing. he was closing his eyes. he was involved in prayer just like any christian that walked through our doors would be. >> reporter: across the street at this motel, province persuaded a guest to let him sl sleep on the floor for the night. >> apparently one of our guests who just started talking to him, said he need add place to crash. so one of our guests was being a good samaritan, let him crash on the floor. >> reporter: later that night a member of the church recognized a photo of the escaped inmate and alerted sheriff's deputies. u.s. marshals staked out the church on monday morning and found the convicted murderer walking down the road carrying a 9 millimeter handgun and a hitchhiking sign asking for a
7:33 am
ride to casper. >> he was relieved that this manhunt was over for him and that this long process was finally over for him. >> reporter: the manhunt started when province and two other inmates escaped from this arizona prison july 30th. authorities believe casslynn welch threw wire cutters over the fence to help her fiance and cousin john mccluskey escape along with two other inmates, daniel renwick and province. renwick was captured in rifle, colorado, two days later. investigators say there is evidence to tie mccluskey to the murder of a couple last week in this burned out trailer in santa rosa, new mexico. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: province told marshals they fancy themselves as a modern day bonnie and clyde. >> they joke about it, and i think they've taken the persona that this is some type of a
7:34 am
movie and this is some kind of a joke they are living, but it is not. this is a very, very serious business. >> reporter: mccluskey's mother, claudia washburn, is in police custody in arizona, accused of helping her son evade authorities. her husband hopes mccluskey is caught before he hurts anyone else. >> you guys think you're bonnie and clyde, you're far from it. >> reporter: marshals are urging mccluskey and welsh to turn themselves in and avoid the fate of their real-life counterparts. >> they'll get caught sooner or later. they're making too many mistakes. >> rest assured, we are going to be on mccluskey like a cheap suit. >> reporter: officials emphasize mccluskey and welch are armed and dangerous. they are believed to be in montana now, perhaps heading toward canada. canadian authorities and interpol have been alerted. matt? >> george lewis, thank you very much.
7:35 am
before his capture, tracy province was actually paid to do some odd jobs around the meeteetse community church. we're joined exclusively by the church's pastor ron kingston and a local rancher and the church treasurer. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> morning. >> ron, you're the pastor of a small church. i understand the population of the town is only about 350 people, so is it unusual for a stranger to show up for sunday services? >> not really a stranger to show up. we are outside of yellowstone park so we have a lot of tourists sometimes stop by, so it's not real strange but, yeah, we like to invite newcomers who want to come. >> when this guy, tracy province walked in this past sunday, ron, did he immediately attract your attention or did he blend in? >> he fairly blended in. there was nothing that stood out about him. i wasn't following the news so i didn't recognize him like that.
7:36 am
i just figured he was somebody who wanted to come and worship god with us. >> and, jim, you had a chance to speak to tracy province. what was the conversation like? what was it like? what was his demeanor? >> after church i visited with him about 30 minutes, and he was -- on some things you could tell he was telling the truth. other things not. watching him, you could tell he was not a very good person. and later i called and told ron that this guy is a bad guy and i wouldn't have him around your kids because he was there doing some work for the church. >> jim, did he talk about what he had been through over the past couple of days? did he tell you where he was from, where he had been, where he was going? >> yes. he told us that he had stayed three nights on the grass down on the river. before that he'd been in yellowstone park and his party had had left him and he didn't know why. he said he was heading to indianapolis, indiana, and
7:37 am
that's where he was from. he didn't have enough money to get there. >> did he seem -- you offered him, ron, a job doing some odd jobs around the church, i think pulling some weeds and cleaning up some hoses. you were going to pay him $40. did he seem grateful for the opportunity? >> yeah, he told me he was out of money and so i offered a job for him, so he mowed the grass and brought the weed whacker out and did a bunch of the work around the church. i paid him, he took the money and like any good pastor i talked about tithing and he wanted to tithe off the $40. >> and i know eventually your suspicions raised to the point where you did call law enforcement as did another parishioner who apparently recognized him from the news. he was planning to come back and perhaps do some more work the next day and that's when he was arrested. he was arrested with a handgun. you now know a little bit more about his background. have you stopped to think about what could have been had he come back to that church? >> yeah, i sure have.
7:38 am
i thought of all the scenarios went through my mind, and the scenario that happened here in meeteetse in our little town, it really happened good. i'm proud of our law enforcement and it wouldn't have happened without the deputy sheriff of my town really encouraging me to look on the internet to see if this man was, in fact, the man in our church, and it turned out he was the man and then the u.s. marshals got involved and everything worked out really good. i saw him walking through the street the next morning. got on the phone and it all happened and there wasn't a gunfight. everything worked out real good. so i'm thankful to god for his protection over our town. >> and we're thankful for your actions. ron and jim, thank you for joining thus morning. we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather now from al. all right, thank you, mr. lauer. warm, humid weather. friends hanging out having a good time. a little on the moist side but we're also keeping an eye out on
7:39 am
the tropics especially down around the gulf. low pressure, 75 southwest of naples, could become a tropical system in the next few days, may affect the oil spill site. we're keeping an eye on this one. we have the risk of strong storms bismarck down to omaha, out to des moines. the threat of damaging winldz, isolated tornadoes. you can see the storms firing up now. in fact des moines yesterday had massive flooding washing out roads, railroad tracks, causing big problems. and they're going to pick up another 2 to 3 inches of rain today as far west as almost just west of chicago and up into grand forks. >> things should be quiet to start the day today. there is a 30% chance of a few thunderstorms this afternoon. most of you will have on friday. most of you will have on friday.
7:40 am
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back at 7:43 and this morning on "today's consumer" dialback data plans. cell phones used to be just for talking, but now that you can use them to surf the web, e-mail, and a lot more, maybe cell carriers are trying to find a way to profit on all that data that you are using. a senior project editor for consumer reports magazine, good morning to you. good morning. at&t announces that it is phasing out its unlimited data plan. do you expect the other major carriers to follow suit? >> probably. it kind of remains to be seen. the rumor mill has it that verizon will follow suit, probably soon, maybe even this
7:44 am
month. farce t-mobile and sprint are concerned, we'll have to wait and see. >> what's the rationale behind getting rid of these plans, unlimited plans? >> it's kind of a pay for play. there are people out there that are using a lot more data and you have this unlimited data plan. it's that they're using a ton of data. they want to be charging people the correct amount. >> that's a small percentage of phone users. >> that's right. and a lot of people will actually do better under mees plans because they aren't using that much data. so if they have a tiered plan, they can pay less instead of paying $30 a month for unlimited. they can pay $15 a month at at&t and get 200 megabytes. >> let's start first with with the iphone, somebody who use as lot of data and you're obviously your carrier is at&t. if you have this unlimited plan at this point, can you keep it? >> yeah, you probably can keep it until the contract runs out, whether or not you'll be able to continue it beyond that, maybe not. >> you have a smart phone, you're trying to figure out what plan works for you. is there any way to calculate
7:45 am
how much data you are using right now? is there a website or how do you figure it out? >> probably your own carrier's website. in fact, all the major carriers will let you monitor, you get to sign up for online usage and they let you monitor how much you're using. that will give you a good gauge. you can figure out this is how much data i use each month and how much i talk, if you're still talking as well, and then you can pick the plan that's right for you. >> and what if you miscalculate? you use more data than you thought you did? >> we are using more and more all the time. >> exactly. >> one study says it's doubled in the last year or so. if you do as far as at&t is concerned, you won't be penalized. that's a great thing. there's no penalty fee. you can just re-up, have another 200 megabytes for another $15, for example, or go up to the 2gs for $25 a month with no penalty. hopefully everyone else will follow suit. >> i do not own a smart phone. if i wanted to get one, can i calculate, get some kind of figure as to what i probably will need? >> yeah, you can go online and see how much you're using now and you'll have to estimate if
7:46 am
you want to download documents or stream video or whatever your social networking account and then you can monitor it during the month. so we suggest about halfway through the month just so you know how much you're using and if you're going to go over. >> mandy walker, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> okay. still ahead, much more on the jetblue flight attendant arrested after yelling at a passenger and heading home by fleeing on the plane's emergency slide. ♪ ♪ there's a land that i see, where the children are free. ♪ ♪ come with me, take my hand, and we'll live... ♪ ♪ a land where the river runs free... ♪ ♪ a land to a shining sea...♪ ♪ and you and me are free to be you and me... ♪ ♪
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7:49 am
if laughter is the best medicine, there's never been a greater need for it than today in these tough economic times. as nbc's mike taibbi found, some of the folks who are hurting the most are finding ways to laugh the loudest. >> reporter: at the comedy club in boston, wednesday night is bailout night. free admission if you have a pink slip or layoff notice. as former department store exec
7:50 am
gail welly did. >> you have to have a good laugh or you could fall into a really bad place. >> reporter: and comics like shawn sullivan who joke about the joys of not working. >> when i'm asleep i can fly, i know magic. i can dunk basketballs. i'm awake. i'm a fat slob telling jokes to unemployed people in a basement. >> reporter: and it's not just comedy clubs. once a week a handful of people show up at the century old warehouse outside boston with one goal in mind. some take the stairway, some take this old elevator. it's a manual job and it's an old one. and they head up to the third floor offices of a man who makes them laugh. he's a doctor and he hosts one of the so-called laughter clubs
7:51 am
that have sprung up around the country. no comedy, no triggers, just start laughing. >> people think how can i laugh at jokes, and you tell them you fake it and you make it. >> reporter: participants like amy wyman find they don't fake it at all. >> i was laid off a year ago and i -- coming to these clubs is wonderful. i walk out, i feel your body feels better. you're exhilarated, uplifted. >> reporter: it's that lift people long for when they're feeling ground down, a accepts of shared struggle, to laughter whether it's generated by longtime pros like dave russo -- >> i actually have a limo waiting for me outside after the show. i'm the driver. >> reporter: or laidoff engineer turned comedian like dave who used to work for intel. >> when i applied for the job they said you're indian and japanese, you don't even have to interview. >> reporter: or by someone with a day job as a reporter. >> i'm not sure he's performed anywhere before. we're putting him on may. >> reporter: he collects and tells jokes as a hobby.
7:52 am
>> what happened? i don't know, it all happened so fast. >> people come in and say, i really needed this. we get e-mails saying, i need this. i haven't been out in three weeks. >> reporter: going out to guarantee you'll feel better, a good laugh. and you can't beat the price. for "today," mike taibbi, nbc news, boston. >> i don't know about that last thing. i'm not sure. >> the laughing class, the laughing group? >> yeah. >> just ahead, was there more to the resignation of hb ceo than a complaint by a reality tv star. >> and the latest on the scandal after your local news and weather. you got in pretty late last night. dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. well... you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore. yeah, why's that? ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> several accidents to get to. let's see if it will impact your morning rush. the area of the 895 split, we have an accident there. all right, we will switch over, northbound 95 and 895, an accident there. the northbound one does not have much of an impact now. was a lot of water main break- related clochard take hauberk as
7:57 am
your alternate. -- we still have a water main break-related closure. take cumbered as your alternate. delays on the north and west side. dorothy road, watch for a crash. heavy delays on southbound 295 towards westerners road. -- towards west nursery road. let's go back to the live picture of harford, easing up just a bit towards providence. we're looking at a live view of 95. we do have delays southbound towards the 895 split. >> the weather is nice and quiet. don't expect any rate for the morning commute. we could see a few thunderstorms pop up this afternoon. 79 and the airport, 77 in cockeysville. forecaster today, a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds.
7:58 am
hot and humid, of course. slight chance for a thunderstorm this afternoon. high temperatures and the mid- 90's. it will go close to 100 degrees this afternoon. scattered thunderstorms possible on wednesday and thursday. >> thank you for joining us. check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information and the live update at 8: 25.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, august 10th, 2010. we have stepped outside to join all these great folks who have gotten up early to kick off a day of sightseeing with us here in rockefeller plaza. nice to have them onboard. a little bit of rain just starting to fall. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer and al roker. just ahead, details on hewlett-packard ceo mark hurd. >> he is accused of sexual harassment by a former reality tv contestant. hp says hurd did not violate its sexual harassment policy. now another company ceo is calling hurd's dismissal the worst decision since apple fired
8:01 am
steve jobs. we're going to have more on this coming up in just a couple of minutes. also -- hello. saying "i do" for a second time, it can be tricky especially when one or both of the spouses have children that are now adults. we're going to talk about the minefields you want to avoid. and do you know what the new status symbol for today's working mom is? a stay-at-home dad. and we're going to show you why that's an upcoming trend and why a lot of working moms like the idea. >> we have a lot to get to but first let's head inside. ann is off today. natalie is over at the news desk with the details. police in two countries are on alert for a desperate and dangerous convict who escaped from an arizona prison last month. this morning a deputy u.s. martimarc marshal placed them possibly in canada.
8:02 am
mccluskey has been tied to a double murder in new mexico. a fellow escapee, tracy province, was arrested monday in wyoming. police in michigan are looking for a serial killer who may also have struck in other states as well. nbc's ron allen is in flint, michigan, with more on the story. good morning to you, ron. >> reporter: yes, good morning, natalie. the attacks are spreading fear here in the flint, michigan, area especially because the victims appear to be random. many are elderly african-american men or men out at night alone. police say the attacker usually approaches someone, strikes up a conversation, and then for no apparent reason starts stabbing with a knife. the first attack was in may, the second a month later. both victims murdered by a knife-wielding killer. >> these stabbings have been taking place during the early morning hour, and the victims have been on foot and approached by the suspect from his vehicle. oftentimes the suspect is asking
8:03 am
for directions or assistance. >> reporter: it wasn't until july when a third victim survived an attack that police had a description of the killer. >> this guy just stabbing you, you know. >> reporter: on monday authorities released this sketch showing the suspect, a white male with light hair between 5'11" and 6'2" with an athletic build. police believe the suspect may be responsible for at least 15 stabbings in the flint, michigan, area since may 24th. five the attacks were fatal and all but one of the victims was a black male. several hundred miles away in leesburg, virginia, police say the same suspect may also be involved in three crimes. two stabbings and a hammer attack last week. >> this is an extremely violent individual. it does appear the target of his rage, the target of his attacks are african-american males. >> reporter: officials release this had picture take friend surveillance video. it's a 1995 to 2000 chevrolet
8:04 am
s-10 blazer or gmc jimmy or similar vehicle. the four-door vehicle is two-toned with dark green or either beige or gold trim. the crime spree has residents in both cities on alert. >> you're dealing with a nut here and he's already too close to the edge. >> reporter: and there may be yet another case. in toledo, io, which happens to be on the road from here to virginia, and that's what has police really concerned that they have no idea where this person may strike next. natalie? >> ron allen in flint, michigan, thank you, ron. an unusual air rage incident has a jetblue flight attendant facing a court appearance today. police say steven slater argued with a passenger monday at new york's kennedy airport. he then allegedly cursed the passenger over the public address system and then grabbed his bags and some beer and headed home by activating an emergency chute and sliding away. a lot of people talking about this one today. 8:04 right now.
8:05 am
let's go back outside once again to matt and meredith. it's raining a little bit. >> spitting. spitting. >> al is right over here. >> yes, i am. and, hey, wouldn't you rather be in holland? and, by the way, meredith, did you know over here is your number one fan. what's your name? >> veronica. >> veronica. she's your number one -- you have to come say hello. >> i'm coming. >> she's your number one fan. you could walk a little faster. >> i don't want to fall. hi, honey. >> oh, there you go. bringing people together. let's check your weather and see what's happening. pick city of the day, tem tem, texas, nbc 6. sunny and hot. 102 degrees. and as we look at the satellite, we've got an area of disturbed weather along the gulf that could become a tropical system. wet weather moving through the northeast as you can see right now. we have a risk of strong storms through the upper mississippi valley. in the western plains, sunny and
8:06 am
hot from texas all the way into the southeast and mid-atlantic states. 19 states under heat advisories and warnings right now. >> we are off to a nice, quiet start on this tuesday morning. umpy to thiset b and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. veronica here wants to be a newscaster when you grow up, right? you're going to help me out with this? >> yes. >> okay. up next was hewlett-packard's ceo really forced to resign over mistakes on his expense report? >> right after this. >> the latest on the scandal right after this.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
we're back at 8:09 with the latest on the scandal that led to the resignation of hewlett-packard ceo mark hurd and the former reality television con sesant tied to the case. nbc's jeff rossen has some details on this. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt, no question this is rare. one of the highest paid ceos in the country suddenly designs. the details still a mystery. there was a sexual harassment complaint, a secret out-of-court settlement, and even with all of that, a big parting gift worth tens of millions of dollars. this morning how his connection to an actress took him down. >> jodie, a pleasure to meet you. >> it's great to meet you. >> reporter: her name is jodie fisher, a 50-year-old single mom who appeared in the nbc reality series "age of love." >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. you're about to have fun. >> reporter: in fact, fisher ha appeared all over from television commercials --
8:11 am
>> after using the instant abs system i could feel the results. >> reporter: to movies. >> what are we going to do about this blood pressure of yours? >> reporter: including adult movies, an unlikely match it seems for mark hurd, ceo of hewlett-packard and one of the country's most powerful corporate leaders. yet their mysterious personal relationship has abruptly ended hurd's reign at hp. they found no evidence of sexual harassment but instead discovered hurd was fudging expenses and misused company assets to conceal his relationship with jodie fisher reportedly including meals and travel together, inappropriate behavi behavior, hp said in a letter to employees, a conflict of interest. >> the irony is that when marched hurd was hired as ceo of hewlett-packard, one of his goals was to kind of re-establish a strong ethical structure within the company and yet he actually resigned because he violated business ethics and standards that he, himself, put
8:12 am
in place, essentially dying by his own sword. >> reporter: fisher and hurd reportedly met at hp where she worked as a marketing consultant. she filed a sexual harassment complaint against him. still unclear why. they settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. then hurd was forced to resign as ceo. >> there's no way a ceo who is about to make $100 million in a three-year contract, lost his job over fudged expense reports. there has to be more to this sto story. >> reporter: still, neither side will explain exactly what happened. die fisher released this statement. "i was surprised and saddened that mark hurd lost his job over this. mark and i never had had an affair or intimate sexual relationship." in a statement hurd said, i did not live up to the standards and principles of trust, respect, and integrity that i have espoused at hp. but he denies having an affair and says he's unaware of improper use of expense accounts. >> there's no question there was deal making that went on here. there was a deal between hurd and the woman who made the
8:13 am
accusation. there was a deal between hurd and hewlett-packard. and part of that deal is going to be let's not all discuss exactly what the terms of the deal were. >> reporter: now new outrage over mark hurd's kiss good-bye. even after resigning in disgrace, hp is giving him $12 million in cash and another $22.5 million in stock options. a total package of $34.5 million. >> you know, in the wake of this, a number of ethics professionals are questioning why mr. hurd is being paid at all given that he actually violated the company's own business practices. >> reporter: business aside, mark hurd is married with two kids. he would not speak on camera for this story. neither would jodie fisher. meanwhile, matt, we should mention hp's stock dropped 9% since this scandal broke. >> jeff rossen, thanks very much. dan abrams is nbc's chief legal analyst. donny deutsch is the chairman of the ad agency deutsch incorporated. we don't exactly know what happened at hp. probably only a handful of
8:14 am
people do know. the both of you are pretty sure there's more to this than meets the eye, correct? >> there's no question. the notion that this is a guy who is about to re-sign for an enormous amount of money is getting fired or being forced to resign over fudged expense reports just can't be the case. there has to be more here and it's got to relate to either them having wanted him out, although that's an unlikely reason -- >> he was a darling of the company. he doubled the stock price in five years. >> if he was that much of a darling, that tells us even more. that tells us it has to be that bad for it to have happened. >> he's not being forced out for having an affair. we live in a world post-sarbanes oxley that companies have to be clean. this woman, who was being paid to introduce him at parties for $1,000 to $10,000, money being exchanged, 9% -- that means this company lost billions of dollars by letting him go. there had to be some pretty nefarious stuff going on beyond
8:15 am
just some guy being indiscreet. >> there's another side to this. another ceo, the head of oracle, larry ellison, who is a friend of hurd's, said this. the hp board just made the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the apple board fired steve jobs many years ago that decision nearly destroyed apple and would have if steve hadn't come back to save them. i mean, he's saying, look, this is a disaster for business, which means there had to be a very good reason. >> what's so fascinating about this stuff, look, whether it's tiger woods, eliot spitzer, is these men in power in various -- whether it's sports, running fortune 500 companies, brought down -- >> tiger woods fudge his expense reports? let's go on to the statement from jodie fisher here, okay? she says i was surprised and saddened mark hurd lost his job over this. mark and i have never had an affair or sexual relationship. but now she's hired an attorney. she has gloria allred and
8:16 am
threatened a sexual harassment lawsuit. you don't do that unless you think you've been wronged or are mad. >> uribe trying you're trying t. she has her money. they have a deal separate with him personally and now hewlett-packard is acting and she is saying, oh, i'm sorry he lost his job. that's very nice and i'm sure greatly appreciated. the bottom line is when you threaten to sue someone for sexual harassment, one of the possible outcomes is the person is going to get fired. >> real quickly, donny, this fallout is not what hp wanted after this. >> right. >> they got it anyway. what do they do next? >> they go back to business. at the end of the day this will pass. the parade will pass. there's nothing they can do but put their head down. they put a veteran in the spot. did the playbook 101. the stock will rebound. when a stock drops based on a personal thing, it's not really reflective of the business. put their head down, a new cycle. >> dan and donny.
8:17 am
>> by the way, i never saw that movie with the nurse. >> a lot of people didn't see that movie. up next, blended families. the joys and challenges of getting married for a second time in life.
8:18 am
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8:20 am
♪ fresh at its best. go fresh is also available as a bar in three revitalizing scents. ♪ this morning on our special series "50, living it and loving it." when couples with grown children remarry later in life, it can present unique challenges. theirs is certainly a blended famili family of his and hers, but this is also a great love story. it's unlikely a crystal ball could have convinced gabriella mo morris and dennis they would end up together. they ultimately chose different paths but always kept in touch. gabriella married, had two
8:21 am
children, and divorced soon after. 12 years later she was convinced marriage was not in her future. >> i didn't think i would be married but i certainly wanted to spend my life with someone. >> dennis also married and had two children. his wife of 32 years passed away three years ago. and remarriage was the furthest thing from his mind. >> my wife before she passed wa wanted me to marry again. she said you have a lot of life left to live and i want you to be happy. >> the thread of their friendship over the decades ultimately brought them together, this time for good and with the blessing of their children. >> i think that it represented an opportunity for them to bring a family back together again as a complete unit. >> now celebrating their first wedding anniversary this summer, gabriella and dennis are settling into parenting four
8:22 am
grown children, all agree it's been an evolution of mutual respect. >> i'm very respectful of the relationship that gabriella's children have with their father. i want to be there for them as another adult that they can trust. >> i don't think that anyone could replace a mother. it's a healing that the two children have to deal with within their family. >> as time has passed, this couple says that communication and flexibility have been key components to creating a blended family. >> in addition to flexibility, i think you have to have patience because these are not relationships that can be forced. >> bill atkins is a psychologist and author. dale, good morning. it's lovely how nice that worked out for that couple and they did have the blessing of all of their children. how unique is that story? >> well, it's a wonderful story and it's a great model.
8:23 am
it is unique because what we have often are families that have resistance and they're really not feeling as generous as the children in this family are feeling or as comfortable with the fact that their parents are going to remarry. this is a beautiful model because they do emphasize the patience and the role of their parents and just knowing that it takes time. >> if you look at the statistics, 65% of remarriages involve children from the first or the prior marriage. when they are adult children, is it easier than when the kids are younger or is it just a different set of issues? >> it's a different set of issues and a lot of the parents who are getting married think it's really easy because their kids are grown. >> exactly. >> but, in fact they are probably more set in their ways and they still have the same feelings that younger people do. but the parents think, well, everything is fine. we don't have to pay that much attention and it's really not very compassionate, number one, and it's not realistic because many adult children have a real pang when they think about their parents remarrying and they
8:24 am
often sometimes even undermine the role of the parent meeting someone new or they just are very sad about it and they're not ready. >> so what do you do if you remarry somebody and you're met with resistance by his children, her children, or both sets of children? >> you have to remember that it does take time. you can't have an instant family. you need to be patient. one of the things that's very important is to get to know each of the individual children and to do things together but not just like thanksgiving dinner because that could be reminiscent of the times when the family was together before and that brings up all of the past. what you want to do is get new kinds of traditions that you can do together. but it does take time and you need to understand that europe not a replacement. you are an additive so what you bring to this relationship as the gentleman in the piece said, you know, i bring something new and what i'm doing is i'm bringing new advice or i'm bringing a different perspective. europe not replacing the parent. >> they said the job was not to be a replacement, you're right,
8:25 am
but more of an adviser. >> and sometimes it is an adviser but sometimes just to be not a threat. you don't want to threaten the relationship the adult child has with her parent or his parent whether or not that parent is deceased or present. >> so how important is it to reassure your child that you're still their parent even if they're a young adult? >> especially if they're a young adult because they may help to take care of you during the process when you were grieving or you had a divorce or maybe you have a whole different kind of relationship now that you're an adult child with your single parent. so you may feel that you have to reassure your child and also talk about issues having to do with finances, with grandchildren, with the place in your life as you bring in this new person. people do need to be reassured because they're fearful that they're going to lose you once again as they lost another parent. >> dale atkins, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> just ahead, the new status symbol for working women, stay-at-home dads.
8:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. let's check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> major delays on the southwest corner of the beltway. new accident involving an overturned vehicle. it is on the inner loop of edmondson. you can see that there is only the left lane is squeezing by. plenty of activity there. unfortunately, the traffic is spilling over onto i-95. northbound motorists sitting in traffic heading towards the beltway southwest. those delays are going to get to do as they worked to clear the accident and in edmondson.
8:27 am
this is affecting traffic on the outer loop as well. the delays stretch back to 795. of the problem spots to mention, cromwell and glenarm, we have an accident. this is the second of the morning, not far from the water main break creating problems. this is shut down, has been since yesterday, due to the water main break repairs. hauberk is your alternate. the heavy spot on the inner and outer loop on the southwest corner. tony as a check on the forecast. >> busy traffic, but the weather department is nice and quiet. there is a 30% chance of a thunderstorm popping up. we don't expect any rain this morning. 78 degrees in rock hall. the forecast for today is a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. it will be hot and humid. the high temperatures in the mid-90's.
8:28 am
the heat index will be about 100. seven-day forecast, still in the 90's tomorrow. we should drop off into the upper 80s by the time we hit at the tail-end of the week we will keep the transfer rate and the forecast through thursday. forecast through thursday. >>
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 10th of august, 2010. got a bunch of hearty souls out on the plaza. they've endured a little rain already this morning and now the skies have cleared slightly. at least it's stopped raining. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, natalie morales, and al roker.
8:31 am
a large crowd. coming up, what is perhaps the new status symbol for power moms? >> hmm. oh, we talked about this. stay-at-home dads. >> it could be a stay-at-home dad. for a powerful career-minded woman, is it a status symbol to have a husband who stays home and takes care of the kids and the house? we're going to be talking about the dynamic that's present in many marriages these days. >> have them walk around in daisy duke shorts. >> you had to go there. also ahead, a very brave mother who has not let breast cancer slow down her ability to compete. karen newman. we'll catch up with her. >> and later on one of our favorite families, the scottos happen to be here. we're going to be catching up with them. they're going to be cooking with peaches which just happens to be john scotto's nickname. >> okay. all right. we're going to pick out the hottest colors for fall and we're not talking about clothes, we're talking about hair.
8:32 am
>> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? we had a few showers move through today here in the northeast. we have a risk of strong storms today also in the upper mississippi river valley out in the plains. the heat continues across 18 states through the south and into the mid-atlantic states. tomorrow the heat continues. we have mild weather in the pacific northwest and plenty of sunshi sunshine. showers in the gulf coast depending on what that >> things should be quiet to start the day today. there is a 30% chance of a few thunderstorms this afternoon. most of you will have on friday. most of you will have on friday.
8:33 am
and don't forget you can check your weather any time of the day or night on online. natalie almost had a chute deploy. >> it's a little gusty out here. >> not good. coming up, are stay-at-home dads the new status symbols for tod today's powerful women?
8:34 am
8:35 am
we're back now at 8:35 with "today's family. "this morning stay-at-home dads with unemployment high and more women climbing the corporate ladder, many families are reversing traditional family roles. families like dr. michelle spiobe shared their story with us. >> oh, that's so nice. you're so luck yip he gets to
8:36 am
stay at home. there's always that pause right before. to hear that. i didn't meant to be the only one working. what's that? i don't think i could be a stay-at-home mom. >> i've never been uncomfortable to tell someone i'm a stay-at-home dad. when it's a problem we're told it's supposed to be. >> i'm not the one who has to rush home because my husband doesn't know what to do with the kids for more than two hours at a time. >> when they do tell them that you're a stay-at-home dad you get the mr. mom reference, which is a 20-year-old movie.
8:37 am
oh, are you giving mom a day off? or the babysitting. no, it's not babysitting. it's called parenting. >> at the beginning when it first started, this isn't fair. how come i'm the one? then you think about, you know, could it really be better? i don't have to worry about d daycare closing or holidays. if i need to go on a conference or a meeting, i can even take my family with me. i think we're just enjoying what male physicians have enjoyed for generations now. how their wives have taken time out of their careers, and so that's what we've chosen to do. >> it's not about the definition one parent is work iing outside the home and one parent is a stay-at-home parent. it's more about flexibility. and balancing the different
8:38 am
roles in ways that work because every family is different. >> so is having a stay-at-home husband the ultimate status symbol for the power mom or a practical arrangement for today's modern family? the subject of an article in the september issue of "marie claire" magazine. here along with sigh a psychiat. we have economic times and women are doing better in the work place. what are you hearing from readers, joanna, about this dynamic? >> well, we're hearing that women are both excited by it and also challenged by it because a lot of it depends on how much choice they have with this going on in their situation. you mentioned the economy. clearly a lot of men have fared much worse than women so they're making the choice to stay at home. and i think women are thrilled that it gives them the freedom to focus on their career, but they're also worried about whether or not their husband is going to feel less masculine.
8:39 am
>> i read the article in the magazine. there's this weighty paragraph -- not weighty but a big paragraph where the possibility is brought up this idea of having a husband staying at home taking care of the home and the children to some power moms is seen as a status symbol. is it a status symbol in the way a bmw would be a status sim billion or more of a symbol of enlightenment in a relationship? >> i think it's both. we've lived with men who have wives sitting at home, two masters degrees and they're not working and the husband is sort of saying either explicitly or implicitly, look at me. i'm the big guy, the alpha male and look who i have at home. there's an element of that, too, but also the sense of i'm incredibly lucky i have an enlightened man at home who is prepared to take after the kids. >> janet, i like that version of it. i have an enlightened relationship. that sounds good. you start to objectify a partner as eye candy with a woman or the status symbol for a guy taking
8:40 am
care of kids, that's not going to end well. >> the most successful stay-at-home relationship is when the man has a flexible idea of what masculinity is. i'm not man enough to be a woman. i think it should be i'm not -- am i man enough to be a stay-at-home dad because you have to be ready and willing to accept that. >> do you think, though, some women look at other women -- they look at other women in a relationship like this with a certain amount of jealousy? look what she gets to do. she's off working. she's powerful and she's got this husband staying home taking care of the kids. >> well, i think it's often easy to look at other people's lives with jealousy whether or not they have the bmw. you're seeing more and more couples passing the baton for the responsibility of earning. >> and i think you have to be careful. there are powerful women who stay at home and take care of the children and i think now we're just seeing that same power can be transferred.
8:41 am
kids need stable relationships. our kids need someone who is consistently there for them and can listen to their needs to make sure they're met. >> this will affect the marriage differently if it's done by choice or if it's done by necessity. >> i think the key is if it's not done by choice -- >> the guy loses his job. >> the guy loses his job, i think it's most successful when they don't think it's a permanent decision. maybe we'll do this for two years. children grow older. it's hard to remember they're going to grow up, become more independent and you can get back out there. >> or if it's a permanent solution but there's a reality that just who brings home the bacon just because you're a provider doesn't mean europe the parent and so you have to treat your relation shship with respe and focus on communication, focus on what the elements of a good relationship are. >> i think i like the guy in the piece said this isn't babysitting. i'm parenting. it's a different take on it. >> just as i'm going to say good-bye, nice job.
8:42 am
still ahead, do you hold a grudge for weeks or even months at a time? how to tell if you're an emotional horder.
8:43 am
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we are back at 8:44. a world class competitor juggling her career and motherhood while waging a personal battle against breast cancer. we first met karen newman two years ago and we checked in with her recent ly to see how her lie has changed. >> anyway, so tomorrow is the big day. >> it has been almost two years since karen newman made these video diaries. windows into her personal battle with breast cancer. >> you're on chemo, you just
8:45 am
have to learn to ignore some of the side effects if you can so you can have a more fulfilling life. >> the married mother of three refused to let cancer keep her down. despite undergoing chemotherapy so severe her hair fell out, she somehow found the strength to dive into seven triathlons in 2008, swimming, biking, and running alongside world class athletes. >> i wanted to show our boys that mommy could still do this, that i could race, that i could finish. today is my last chemo. wahoo! >> another hurdle cleared on her path to an uncertain finish line. two years later karen's hair has grown back and she remains active coaching youth track, but her race isn't over. she was forced to take an eight-month hiatus from her training routine after complications with surgery. two more surgeries and a condition affecting the lymph nodes in her arm followed. she's had to resume chemo ththey doing treatments every six months and she still isn't completely cancer free.
8:46 am
>> i've learned through my life that, you know, you just keep pushing forward and maybe the finish line moves but i'm going to keep on aiming for that finish line. >> karen newman, our most determined athlete. >> now the 49-year-old devotes her time to sharing her story and inspiring other people living with cancer. >> can i hug you? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i think that the cancer, you know, it made her weak at the time but she came out ten times stronger. >> she has changed all our lives through her experiences and just made all of us see deeper into people. >> i have this very determined attitude. i just never give up and i just think that, you know, despite your diagnosis, you should just keep on pushing through. i didn't sleep at all. >> but some things don't change. despite all the setbacks, a resilient karen has returned to racing, this time for a new reason. >> okay, you guys, good luck. >> she competed with the american cancer society's determination team at the nautica new york city triathlon.
8:47 am
>> she's not really out here to win anymore. she's out here to compete on behalf of people who have cancer or disabilities. >> every time i'm able to be there, i just feel so incredibly blessed because i might not be here. so it really, to me, doesn't much matter how i do. it matters that i'm there. >> her team raised nearly $200,000, more than any other group of triathletes in american cancer society's history. >> i believe that god picked me, you know, healthy female with no problems in the past to go through this challenge in my life and i just feel that it's my duty and it's my great joy to help others in any possible way that i can. ♪ >> an amazing woman. karen will compete at the national triathlon championships next month where she hopes to qualify for a trip to next
8:48 am
year's world championships. up next, everything's peachy in today's cooking school with the scottos.
8:49 am
>> announcer: today's cooking school is brought to you by country crock spreads with that rich, creamy, delicious taste your family has always known and loved.
8:50 am
this morning on "today's cooking school" we've got a real peach of a three-course meal courtesy of the scottos. we have mary and john, anthony and elena of fresco by scotto and they have recipes using my favorite, the peach. we're going to start with you, mary and john. >> you can't get better than august too much the best peaches. and to know you've got to pick up the peaches -- >> squeeze it a little bit? do you smell it, also? >> the smell, the aroma is what gets you. so now with this recipe we heated these pans, and now we're putting in fennel, onion, red wine vinegar, lemon zest -- thank you, matt. yes, please. and some olive oil. and this blend, the dressing for john's warm pasta salad. >> you have chosen farfalle.
8:51 am
why, john? >> we like it. it's cold. i'm adding the peaches to the vinaigrette. >> yellow and white peaches. >> peaches are very good because they're low in acidity, low in calories, great for minnesoimu c, and potassium. to ripen it, put it in a paper bag, put holes in it. 24 hours, it's ripe. to lengthen, put it in the refrigerator. i got the farfalle and cooked it al dente. i have my tomatoes. >> heirloom tomatoes. >> mozzarella, some basil. mix it together and now i'm going to add the -- >> what your mom has been sauteing. >> and the vinaigrette sauce to the whole dish. mix it up. >> serve it warm? >> serve it warm. looks like that. it's al fresco every day of the summer. >> where is that? >> fresco by scotto on 52nd
8:52 am
street. >> meredith, save me quick. >> anthony, we're doing a peach compote. >> we have a great pork tenderloin. let's talk peaches. georgia peaches are really the best. i think they're terrific. also another hint, you have free stone. i don't know if you've heard that before. cling stone are peaches that are used for canning and cakes and what not. free stone is actually the stone that comes free of the peach when you're eating it. >> and bridgestone is the peach you drive on. >> the other one, exactly right. >> which one do we have in there? >> white and yellow peaches. i'm adding lemon juice to this. i've already added water, cracked pepper. we're going to let that reduce down. >> i wouldn't think pepper in that. >> reduce it down and cool. that's our compote. >> the pork. >> as simple as that. we're going to marinade it overnight, salt, pepper, use
8:53 am
whatever seasonings you want. what's really great about this balsamic and fennel seed. >> balsamic and fennel seed. >> we're going to clean off all of the goodies on top before cooking it because you don't want it to taste like that burnt flavor. >> get rid of that fennel. >> and then we're going to -- a couple minutes on each side, two, three minutes, making sure it's brown all the way around, let it rest two or three minutes. cut it on the bias. you're going to cut it and add the peaches to it. it's just delicious. >> how long does that compote last? >> put it in the refrigerator, the more it breaks down, the better it is. a good couple of weeks. >> and then dessert. >> so we're doing blueberry and peach cobbler. >> a nice combo. >> peaches are loaded with fiber and work as an antioxidant. so if you can help me here, al -- >> a boo-boo. >> is it powdered sugar? >> it's granulated sugar and some corn starch. >> want me to help? >> if you could stir that, as you'll see the juices thicken up
8:54 am
and it gets nice and mushy. and if we could just mix that all together, our secret weapon here is vanilla and a little bit of almond extract which -- >> oh, nice. >> very little bit, obviously. >> did you do anything beforehand to prepare the peaches at all? >> we just sliced the peaches. so you're going to mix that all together. if you could put this in my baking dish, i've buttered the baking dish. >> i can't believe you have to he help. >> your turn is over, john. good-bye. >> and this is our topping. it's loaded with butter. brown sugar, sliced almonds, and you really want to be generous with it. turn your oven -- turn your oven at 425 and once you're ready, you're going to bake this for about 25 minutes until it gets nice and golden brown. we topped it off to change it up a bit. >> you could go with it just like that. >> amazing. all right.
8:55 am
>> good eating here. >> nicely done. scottos, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> by the way, we're going to put these recipes on our website. check that out. some more cooking with kathie lee and hoda.
8:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson did the search continues for three suspects in the murder of a glen burnie convenience store employee. 48-year-old youssef attia was killed at a 7-eleven on baltimore annapolis boulevard. investigators believe he was trying to get away when one of the suspects shot him during an apparent robbery. 7-eleven is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction -- $15,000 reward for information leading
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> now let's take a look at the forecast with a tiny band. -- with tony pann. >> it will be a hot and humid afternoon. temperatures climb into the mid- 90's. when you factor in the humidity, it will close to 100. most of you will have a dry tuesday pit at 94 tomorrow. still hot on wednesday. cooling off into the upper 80s on thursday and friday. >> we will see you back here at 9:25. i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting the best bang for my buck. use your giant card and earn one gas rewards point
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